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Rap Battle: Sir.Lancelot vs RationalMadman


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(RationalMadman: You aint on my level. We never rap battled as each other, btw. Try it.)

Okay, deal.

This will be a No-Hold's Barred.

To avoid any errors or confusion, there will be rules and a framework set-up for voters.
Above all else, anyone can vote. But read the rules with careful consideration.


1. This is a No-Hold's Barred between both myself and Rational.

2. The actual track for music itself does not count as actual points. Meaning neither me nor Rational can be penalized for choosing a beat the voters do not approve of.

3. All 7 points are assigned to whoever you think won.

4. Voters are not expected to know much about rap, so here are the following qualities you will judge on for both rappers in your RFD.
(On a scale of 1-4)
You will be required to actually read the raps from both sides and analyze your favorite lines.

5. No troll votes or vote-bombing.
You are expected to read the entire rap battle to even be voting.

(Any changes can be made before the acceptance of the debate at the request of Con. No one else aside from RationalMadman can accept, unless stated otherwise by me in the Comments.)

Round 1

Now it’s gonna be a fucking bloodbath.
And I’m mopping the floor with you.

Step to me for real, you wannabe cock-sucking cunt. 
Let these words burn real deep, what you’re feeling is fear. 
All traumatized, from that time you were licking my cum out your wife’s punani’s. 
This nigga needa be lobotomized before he wets his panties.

Nah, I’m just playin’.
My opponent’s an autistic virgin.
With no real meaning or purpose.

Going headfirst into this merciless world, 
Experiencing nothing but rejection.
My words will cut real deep.
Leave you lying, dying from an infection. 
Guess nobody’s seeing you next Election.

This self-loathing loser needs to look at his reflection.
Because every word he says is projection. 

He spent the last year sucking off the mod's balls. 
Like all the Traditional Beta Males.
Can call you DART’s Top 10 Biggest Fails.

Stop acting like a Top G
If anything, you’re a Bottom C. 
Talking like you shag bitches when all you really do is simp for witches.

“Then they fucked me over twice in an election, then the owner returned to do the most shit update he could have to the rating system and cucked all us noobsnipers. It catapulted me to the ending you see now.” 1 
Then leaving because of an update?
Could you be any more of a pussy, you fucking ingrate?

Go back to crying about how Mike took away your noob-sniping.
Ain’t enough tissues for the tears you’re gonna be wiping.

Then you want a challenge. 
But you ain’t man enough to call me out directly. 
So your first target is homie Space Cadet.
How do you even expect to "tame me?"

Hyping yourself up to have all this power. 
When it turns out you’re just a timid, little coward. 
Not like your balls gonna drop anytime soon.

Thing is, to most, I get why you may well seem better,
Like a sweaty whale vs a whore, in the end the fat one's deemed wetter,
That's if the whore was with you, write that bitch an apology letter,
See, a real dominant man like me don't need the username to get her to beg Sir,
It's a metaphor, Lancelot, support character to this shit; I'm both protagonist and storyteller,
You see, I'm a real man with a thick dick aura, everything about me screams 'real gogetter',
But credit where it's due, word on the street's I need my dick while you indisputably wield a dildo better.

See, I could make some more shit up with vague disses that don't seem real, I feel ya,
I should shut up with the BS and get to pointing out how you're nothing more round here than an idea-stealer,
I mass-debated before you tried it, I said I'd make a new site on the Discord server like a couple weeks before you thought of doin' it yourself with some guy payin' 1K to be a Henchman's sidekick,
I don't know how exactly to put this to you but I'm DART's diva girlfriend, you're always only gonna be the side bitch,
You literally use disses I dished out to you to Badger, you genuinely get off on trying to do what I did,
I think sonning you's the totally wrong angle here, I'd never a raise a prick like you, punk, you aint my kid,
You're more like a little brother I'm not that bothered by your silly gimmicks following me around, it's cute and childish,
You try rated rap battles 'cause you liked my idea and I challenged you and you knew the last win wasn't real 'cause Bella held back a vote, you're easy to provoke and just can't hide it,
You run around trying to get under everyone's skin, but under yours is only trauma and overcompensation, my bad I already discussed my dick,
I got my debate count by genuinely efficient moves, you do troll debates for votes to undermine the system I protested and instead of fight it you gave up instantly and decided to act in bad faith and override it,
I can't make this finish without a metaphor so let me make this more clear; I'm the Batman Hussein Obama to your Joseph Robinette Biden.

Won't find proof for now only if needed later
(I can't be bothered to find proofs of some things but basically somewhere he started a site to replace DART, or said he will and apparently weaveroffate paid 1k to it)
The other thing is he told Badger that Badger is a simp for the popular guys and that is one of the earliest debate comments I gave to him after he clearly sided with Wylted in the election)
Round 2

“You are the most impressive debater ever! Let me put you on a pedestal so I get your autograph!”

When it comes to bootlicking, this little piggy gives VP Weasel a run for his money.
Always thought he could attract more flies with honey.
Imagine tryna act alpha but doing all that fangirling over Barney and blamonkey.
But you know what they say? If the shoe fits….

You called me a copycat. Oooooo
If only you had the brilliance to come up with an idea worth stealing. 

Not like you invented rap battles or mass debates. 
Such a weird claim to make.
That only someone with profound delusion can create. 

You’re not DART’s diva girlfriend. You’re DART’s genital yeast infection. 
A parasite dick-riding all the fame and glory on a dead site. 
That’s the only achievement you’ll ever make in life. 
A secondary character nobody acknowledges.

You been here for half a decade, I been present for less than a year.
Already, I’m more popular than you. We call this the loot after the boss raid. 

Nothing's blowing up with your phony-ass verbal grenade. Back to obscurity, you will fade.
The same troll debates I’m doing are to reverse the site changes you bitch about. 

Stop bragging about your debate creds.
How is earning a spot in the Leaderboards by defeating noobs even a flex? 

I’m so easy to provoke. Is that why you play victim every time and cry to the mods that I bully you
Do you still consider yourself a man? 
Everyone else sees you as a scared, little outcast.
Because you start fights and run fast.

Perhaps that dick you pretend to have is as inauthentic as the trans gender you obsess so much about.

Grow some testicular fortitude and try again.

Transphobic when telling me my dick aint real, thats a cope,
Rope on my autistic incel neck as I snort that Round 1 BS and lose all hope,
As the old saying we know goes...
The ladies love a man who needs to cut a throat to feel GOAT...
Love a sycophant tryna mock his opponent showing love for Barney while having Whitesmoke and Shillton in a gangbang, all at once, stuffed piggy with a wilted chode down the throat...
Fucking fake-ass supporter backstabbing failed abortion, sorta dude who's only resource in a battle rap's telling his opponent to choke,
But you see that rope 'round my autistic neck that you disrespected's one that's been there when I've been lower than you'll ever have to go, build a moat,
King Arthur needs protection and you pushed the boat,
I'm a pirate, a ninja, samurai to your throat,
I put a leopard as my pic and you still god a crocodile preyin' on a cheetah, swallow bile while tryna spit ill, you're a joke!

What's coming now? Some more bout how I'm disliked?
I know, I'm a diva, got the pussy that's this tight,
That's why whiteflame reacts when I post, I attend with no invite, I show up like a real G and he knows I'm the king type,
You're the tagalong, midnight comes and you try backstab a badger but you've backstabbed too many and I pierce you with a thin spike,
Shit's poisoned with your ego and you tell me to off myself 'cause you wanna be DDO OG so bad, you'd become both trans and lesbian just to spite me, you dim dyke,
You wanna go low I'll roll with you, you diss me for resenting the system you're finding loopholes in via troll-debate spam, keep pushing, dig in, bite,
But make sure you can chew what your teeth sink into 'cause honestly right now you're making me feel like a misogynist for beating a cunt so hard on a grim night.
Round 3

Hey Little Rat, my boots need some polishing.
Do you mind?
Sorry, what was that? 
Couldn’t hear you. Was like a mosquito buzzing in my ear.

This fool’s words ricochet like a nerf bullet.
A delicate blow, you niggas can’t even bruise me.
You pay compliments with desperation for mine and everyone else’s approval.

I express sincere appreciation and encouragement. 
Establish genuine friendships and connections. 
My Charisma Game is at the Peak of Perfection.

I’ll rise with intensity.
Ground-punt you at a speed of light velocity.
You were unprepared for my relentless ferocity.

You’re a caterpillar lying lifeless
Why ain’t you fighting back? 
You let me strangle you till you went blue in the face, Smurf.
Dragged you here just to prove I could kick your ass on your own turf.

All them rounds this useless tool wasted posturing.
Rat-Man’s exhausted, bouta die from dehydration. 
This dead plant needs watering.

He’s asthmatic. Using his few breaths to have his last words. 
What a Waste of Oxygen. 
Not that I expected more from this hack screwup.
Just never thought this bitch would let me abuse him this much.

You’re a fool for thinking you matter. 
Don’t see the need for all this chit-chatter.

Rat-Man is a worthless nobody stuck in this fantasy that he has anything to contribute. 
Nothing here he can refute. 

Was bouta vote for you in the Election.
Until you unfriended me over some petty-ass bullshit. 
So fuck you. I don’t owe you jack.
How bout you quit smoking that crack.

And yes, you are a stupid incel.
Why don’t the women in your area see you as a local?
Is it because you’re an inbred yokel?

Or do you give off the vibes of a tranny in disguise?
Clarifying a couple puns and flow things.

Just so you are aware, Robinette is the real middle name of Joe Biden, the Batman and Robin pun utilised a real middle name (this should be more impressive than a randomly altered middle name to fit the batman).

'Grim night' at end of my Round 2 is also Grim knight. you can take that in so many ways (dying/unhappy knight) etc as in sir lancelot is a knight. It's a link to the first stanza/verse's metaphor about me being a samurai or ninja vs a knight.

I realised some of my longer lines don't seem to flow to average readers even if they imagine me saying it fast.

I have a lot of internal subtle flow and rhyme going on and I mean a LOT that you don't consciously realise on first reads. I will clarify some parts highlighting where to be slowing and emphasising for flow:

I mass-debated before you tried it, I said I'd make a new site on the Discord server like a couple weeks before you thought of doin' it yourself with some guy payin' 1K to be a Henchman's sidekick,

You try rated rap battles 'cause you liked my idea and I challenged you and you knew the last win wasn't real 'cause Bella held back a vote, you're easy to provoke and just can't hide it,

Love a sycophant tryna mock his opponent showing love for Barney while having Whitesmoke and Shillton in a gangbang, all at once, stuffed piggy with a wilted chode down the throat...
Fucking fake-ass supporter backstabbing failed abortion, sorta dude who's only resource in a battle rap's telling his opponent to choke,
I hope you get the idea. I think my flowing is not obvious to some on reading and causes issues for voters. Once you realise I do that consistently throughout (on top of other slight syllable tweaks to make it flow even more hypnotically) you maybe can begin to then not have to try hard to catch my flow.


Fuckin' runnin' in head first, chicken got guts but losin' the IQ,
I've punched in lots of rings with the lyrics, but aint ever seen a fight-ducker like you,
You might pucker up 'n' say you did this challenge, had to provoke you fight you, I'm too skilled at this, and my Kung Fu moves got you startled, that's strike 2,
Where's the first? I'm Mike, dude, I'm Tyson I write this I bite on the ear, no fear, that's a tight move,
Out of left field with the cross after autistic reptition with the obsessive right-hook,
What am I really saying? I'm talking shite, I just write it, I rhyme it, flow like ice-skating, I'm smoother than you with the lying, I'm like spiteful, emo kid with a Haiku,
I'm just frying you in what you cooked, autistic man hangs himself with his enemy with the neck-broken first, that's suicidal, fuck any love between us, goodnight, boo.

What you know about sparrin'? what you know about clashin'?
You're an old garment, raggy shit-stain boxers, shriveled up dick with the itchy rash trapped in,
Rationalmadman's rappin's like a gay man's faggoty sense with all that glam'rous fashion,
I can cry like a bitch and say stuff that's embarassin'...
One month later, they want me back, don't you dare say this absolute fact's sarcasm or a fallacy,
Callin' me top contributor, listen student to your tutor,
I'm the one as recently as 2 days ago to school mods in things ya get me lad? You're the present fad, I'm past and future,
You're a peasant to mad, coming after my posts, you're an afterthought, I'm a badman, alpha male, you're a beta, type of hater loser that's just a tad bit cuter.

Road to hell's paved with you standin' up to the baddest in the land, what good intentions,
I call the shots, Chief mod gets to bendin', I'm the shotcaller you wish you backed, that wilted cunt's got a shrivelled clit, ditched the site to ressurect me, even to my worst enemies, I'm trendin',
Do you see this syllable mastery? Think you can outclass me? I'll smack your face in with a wrench till your jawbone's bendin',
You think you're bad and shit telling me I'm worthless, prick, your birth is the worst mistake that your parents made and they've both done other stuff there's no defendin',
I'm that loser spending all my time here right? Any hour of the day your last-online time's 4 hours ago or less, no-lifer won't lose much as I bring the ending.
Round 4

T-t..thorry Tython, what wuth that? 
Can’t underthand you.

Shoulda left with your dignity intact while you still had the chance. 
Now I’ll break you mentally, spiritually, and irreparably. 

Ya got some nerve. Likening yourself to anti-hero status. 
Calling yourself Mello and acting like the Debating Donatello. 
You’re much more of a Fredo. 

It takes brain damage to call me an imitator. 
Look in the mirror and seriously ask yourself who would ever wanna be you.

I’m the fucking upgrade, you’re just a low-tier renegade.
I’m the leader that inspires, you’re that follower who admires. 

You do everything the mods tell you. 
You take your role of subservience very seriously. 
Like there’s a sense of nobility in being the mod’s personal bitch. 

Glad you tagged them so they can bear witness to the execution of their Golden Child publicly.

Just kidding, you’re not the Prodigal Son. You’re WAY more of a Black Sheep.   

Hope they restrain you by keeping your autistic ass on a leash.
Being an underachieving failure is all you’re good for anyway. 

You’re a lost cause. 
One that ain’t worth fighting for. 

Accusing me of backstabbing you and badger, as if I pledged my loyalty to either one of you retards. 
We were never pals. I’d never be homies with slimy scum. 

You called me a toxic snake and someone that’s unhappy. 
Even if I was any of those things. 
Let me hit you with something you’ll find interesting. 

Even when I’m at my worst, you make me look like a saint. 
Now I know you got a pathological obsession with stalking my profile 
Hoping you can find some dirt to make shit stick after it’s been a while.
So let me return the favor.:

Couldn’t even woo them with your charm and charisma, everyone was better off when you left.
Only a small demographic wanted you back. 

Stepping to me was a Death Sentence. Warned you it would be a fucking bloodbath, looks like I've had the last laugh.
Don’t you dare wage war on those that vote for me or you’ll quickly regret it.

Your last few seconds on the clock are ticking near. If you’ve got anything else meaningless to say, now’s your chance to speak. Like a chicken running around in circles when its head’s been lopped off.

See, I think I'm over the distortion and blatant fake shit, let's take it back,
Back to a time when you won rap battles by stating and slightly exaggerating facts,
You're a good guy Lancelot, on first meeting, type any chick's comfortable to take to dad,
I've more the type a daughter wants to fuck her hard 'til I damn near break her back,
Win her mom with swagger, and find a story and hobby to relate to the father and ratatatat,
I think you haven't understood what's different between us, it's more than the penis, it's a whole other thing that seems to make you mad.

See, if you were a woman, you'd be into me and hate it, following my every move on the forum,
curious as fuck and the truth is I'm fun as fuck, unpredictable, like every post I type's me performing,
Slick as shit with the badboy aura as I stick a transparent-fluid-covered finger up to decorum,
But if I were a woman, I'd see you as pathetic, a reliable stepping stone to my voting privileges here, reliable rock of boredom,
I put Tigerlord in his place in multiple ways and I give you a permaban-staked bet that I was in his-2 as a judge, they want to hate me but keep on adorin',
He has no problem even while blocked, you get insulted by him so hard and he still hopes you die and rot, that's a repeated cycle even in your real-life story,
I don't know what your issue is with me, like legitimately, I'm done with this 'I kill you, hang yourself' nonsense, I'd rather bring you back to life just to fuck you up post-mortem,
But I'm the one fucking your wife, man, you're the one wanking, recording.