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new information has come out that will explain how long you have to live if you got vaccinated.  Most people will be alive only 3 more years 

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MPs in January gave the green light to make COVID vaccines mandatory and the law set to come into effect from February 3.
Fines for non-compliance can be up to €3,600.

Introducing plans for mandatory vaccination, Alexander Schallenberg, the then-chancellor of Austria, said it was the only way to avoid fresh waves of the virus.

Greece and Italy are doing it but aiming at 60+ age group for Greece and 50+ for Italy.

This is blackmail of the highest order, do not be confused, everybody 18+ in Austria is being blackmailed against their will (or with their will) to get vaccinated and inject into their body things they do not necessarily want. Let's not downplay what's happening.
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This is an entirely optional survey for everybody on DART to participate in. If you don't want to, that's totally fine.

  • Are you vaccinated (or getting vaccinated very soon, no need to specify which), whether you are or aren't please state why (if it's a 'no' due to rare immunodeficiency disease you don't need to specify which just say health-related)?
recently/soon, yes but until very recently I wasn't open to the idea. I have been continually pressured/encouraged by close family members to get it and while I personally am not in a group or status that will die from Covid (very sure of that, though my family said otherwise out of paranoia), I am someone who reacts terribly to the fatigue and tax-on-body that brutal disease fights take. I'm a tough guy, don't get me wrong, however my quality of life would significantly go down if I had the 'long covid' kind of effects that people can get who don't die from it.

I already suffer from chronic fatigue (not officially diagnosed with CFS but without caffeine and a mild antidepressant I'd be a groggy, bitter/tired guy all the time, I don't think that it's curable, it's just how I was wired post-puberty, I didn't need caffeine to function well or cope before I turned around 18-19 but at 19 it really hit me and has remained with me since). I don't want that kind of suffering of not being able to go for a walk without being exhausted, I have a minimal level of health to not be called useless/unhealthy but I'm not at all a very fit guy, I live mainly on computer (both for work and play) and I would hate that if even that tired me out significantly, life just would be a pain to live through.

  • Which vaccine, why that vaccine?

The reason why is because I'm paranoid about mRNA but want to protect myself, I'm actually in an age band and health status that I'd be recommended to get Pfizer and/or Moderna rather than that.

AZ was actually developed in a university for motives not related to corporate profit entirely at all (but partly profit-based, yes). It is also far more liable than Pfizer and Moderna for what can happen to it legally and officially if its vaccine is proven to result in severe harm that could have been foreseen.

  • Do you support vaccine mandates?
I am moderate/neutral on mandates for professions that directly deal with customers (for the employees) but for the general population beyond that, I am absolutely against mandates. I believe that anyone who is pro-mandate ought first to make all politicians and their bodyguards take the vaccine then and prove it by showing their app-verification or certificate or something. This will help alleviate paranoid people on why the powerful aren't proving they took it.

I do not support the mandate on a legal level (as opposed to company-level), regardless.

  • Do you believe Covid is a left-wing conspiracy?
No, I think China is hypercapitalistic in fact and that if anything was involved it was right-wing oriented entirely.

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"It's appalling the way AstraZeneca has been treated. I wouldn't blame them if they were thoroughly fed up and decided to bow out of the Covid vaccine business."
That was the view from one of the biggest institutional investors in the UK.
It's not a view the pharmaceutical giant and its talismanic boss Pascal Soriot would have expected to hear, having developed a safe, effective vaccine at breakneck speed, signing contracts to deliver nearly two billion doses and doing it all without making a profit.
Mr Soriot could be forgiven perhaps for thinking he would be getting a medal.
Instead he is getting brickbats from EU politicians like Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, who has accused the company of dishonesty and arrogance, in the way he alleges, it has "over-promised and under-delivered".
Some are suggesting that the whole endeavour has been more trouble than it is worth.
AstraZeneca has foregone over $20bn (£14.5bn) in revenue, while becoming a household name in the EU and the US for all the wrong reasons.
Some investors have even questioned Pascal Soriot's position as chief executive.
Astra has become a political football in a European blame game.
One minute his compatriot, the French President Emmanuel Macron, is describing the vaccine as "quasi-ineffective", and the next, President Macron is volunteering to have the jab himself and backing a move to block exports outside the EU.

Based on what I read, AZ is worldwide the best option, especially for poorer nations. If you have issues either with blood clotting or blood retention then don't take it but otherwise it should be fine. I am not here to speak against Pfizer and Moderna but I'll do so against Pfizer if need be as I deeply resent how they've been blackmailing countries to take liability and cover their (Pfizer's) full legal fees even having military base locations as collateral (yes, really).

Why are some countries so anti-AZ? 
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Before I say anything, I want to say that the COVID-19 vaccines are effective, side effects from them are either mild or rare, and that, even if the Delta variant has a 20-50% breakthrough rate, vaccines still do prevent hospitalization and death most of the time. The majority of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are from the unvaccinated and you should absolutely get vaccinated.

Moving on, I think that, while we've seen that public trust in the government and medical professionals has been incredibly high during the pandemic, while I have no idea what the trust is like now, my trust has decreased if anything. While there's no conspiracy theory to try and microchip me (none of us on this site are important enough to be microchipped), the government has been h a s t y, to put it lightly.

In Canada where I live, we have had three waves and are on the way for a fourth if current trends continue. There was a time in June or July of 2020 where cases were down to as little as under a dozen a day, and it's thanks to the rush to reopen, the inability to properly ensure the virus did not begin exponentially spreading again that caused us to not only have a second wave, but a third, and maybe even a fourth. This all happens despite the fact that New Zealand seemed to be perfectly weathering the storm. Our government failed us in not ending this in July of 2020, and the blood of my countrymen is on the hands of those who prioritize the economy and their performance at the polls over the lives of their constituents.

We have constantly been told over and over and over that the vaccine is 100% safe and effective even as potential side effects were causing us to pause the usage of certain vaccines entirely at the same time. I understand the need to reassure the public, and I agree that the vaccine is safe, but the messaging around things like this reeks of failing to acknowledge genuine risks or symptoms because of the fear of vaccine hesitancy. Yes, it's necessary to combat vaccine hesitancy, but not at the cost of objectivity. Despite the fact I was 100% convinced the vaccine was safe when it came out, the response to the rare and dangerous side effects managed to make me less confident if anything. The only time I have ever been hesitant to get the vaccine was at moments where they were most insisting that it was safe. I have heart issues and I am young, which puts me at risk in some ways to some of these side effects, and it felt like the government was choosing to just ignore it because they were so desperate to reopen.

Journalists and doctors dismissed the Lab Leak Theory from the Wuhan Institute of Virology for months, saying it was naught more than a conspiracy theory and we had completely 100% for certain found that the cause was the Spillover Hypothesis beginning at the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. Then, as soon as Trump leaves office, their tune changes to "Both are plausible explanations that we should explore." I understand that Trump is an aggressive liar and conspiracy theorist and his claims were promoting xenophobia, but it's the responsibility and moral obligation of science to look past its biases and to find the truth, and it absolutely failed here.

Every single damned politician who speaks about the pandemic talks about "getting life back to normal" and "reopening" and not saving human fucking lives. This is the third time that my country is reopening, and to be honest, I'm fucking sick of it. I don't care that I can't leave the house and do stuff I want to, I've always been a sedentary individual, but I am so tired of the prime minister or my premier pretending he gives a shit as he lifts restrictions and effectively sends people to die or deal with the lasting damage of COVID-19. The sheer ability for these people to disregard the very real threat to human life by failing to squash the pandemic just so they can try and reopen ASAP is not only despicable, but is also the very reason that it's taking us even longer to reopen.

There's no excuse for failing to implement contact tracing, refusing to mandate vaccinations in schools, refusing to stay in lockdown as long as it takes, etc... And, after all the months of public trust, seeing the sheer mismanagement, mixed messaging, and trying to ignore things that people don't want to hear to reopen as fast as possible, I feel as though my trust in the government and the medical establishment is at an all time low. All good will I had for the government and all belief I had that the government wouldn't dare willingly allow tens of thousands of deaths of my brothers and sisters has been squandered with the beginning of the fourth wave.
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 'Twas such a manner of disease, 'twas such
Mortal miasma in Cecropian lands
Whilom reduced the plains to dead men's bones,
Unpeopled the highways, drained of citizens
The Athenian town. For coming from afar,
Rising in lands of Aegypt, traversing
Reaches of air and floating fields of foam,
At last on all Pandion's folk it swooped;
Whereat by troops unto disease and death
Were they o'er-given. At first, they'd bear about
A skull on fire with heat, and eyeballs twain
Red with suffusion of blank glare. Their throats,
Black on the inside, sweated oozy blood;
And the walled pathway of the voice of man
Was clogged with ulcers; and the very tongue,
The mind's interpreter, would trickle gore,
Weakened by torments, tardy, rough to touch.
Next when that Influence of bane had chocked,
Down through the throat, the breast, and streamed had
E'en into sullen heart of those sick folk,
Then, verily, all the fences of man's life
Began to topple. From the mouth the breath
Would roll a noisome stink, as stink to heaven
Rotting cadavers flung unburied out.
And, lo, thereafter, all the body's strength
And every power of mind would languish, now
In very doorway of destruction.
And anxious anguish and ululation (mixed
With many a groan) companioned alway
The intolerable torments. Night and day,
Recurrent spasms of vomiting would rack
Alway their thews and members, breaking down
With sheer exhaustion men already spent.
And yet on no one's body couldst thou mark
The skin with o'er-much heat to burn aglow,
But rather the body unto touch of hands
Would offer a warmish feeling, and thereby
Show red all over, with ulcers, so to say,
Inbranded, like the "sacred fires" o'erspread
Along the members. The inward parts of men,
In truth, would blaze unto the very bones;
A flame, like flame in furnaces, would blaze
Within the stomach. Nor couldst aught apply
Unto their members light enough and thin
For shift of aid- but coolness and a breeze
Ever and ever. Some would plunge those limbs
On fire with bane into the icy streams,
Hurling the body naked into the waves;


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If you have gotten the covid19 vaccine because work required it, there might still be a way to cure you from the effects of it. It's called pine tea. There are instructions to make it here

I have also heard some people say that a prolonged fast will do the trick. Anyone new to fasting should consult a doctor first though
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the jews have banned travel of vaccinated people, I can only assume it is because they have inside knowledge of shedding and that the unvaccinated can kill the vaccinated by being around them.

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the inventor of the vaccine is about to be killed. Probably because he knows too much and is a threat to the elite.
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why do I keep seeing tik tok videos of people having uncontrollable shaking after taking the covid19 vaccines? 

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Conspiracy theorists were mocked when they suggested COVID vaccines could rewrite your DNA. Now conspiracy theorists are proven right. Scientists determine MRNA does have the ability to rewrite DNA.

I wonder what the purpose of MRNA vaccines really are? This is why I got the Johnson and Johnson one. 

Please see my other thread about how to cure the vaccine if you messed up and got the Pfizer or modena vaccine.  If you are considering getting the vaccine, go with Johnson and Johnson
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If covid 19 vaccines are safe, why do journalists, politicians and nurses keep faking getting them, while simultaneously telling people they are safe?

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A football player dies on field just 24 hours after receiving the vaccine.
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